Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Do Not Have An Internet Addiction

"You're likely not the kind of addict that [the psychiatrist] has seen -- women who don't bathe and abuse drugs to help them stay "up" for more online time. You may have noticed, though, that going online has become an imposing part of your life, which, at the least, means a load or two of laundry goes unwashed (and who cares about that?). " Source: CNN.com

I don't use drugs and I don't skip showers just so I can spend more time online. But, maybe, I don't clean the toilets or mop the kitchen floor as often as I should so that I have more time to pursue my online interests.

I've been trying to prove to myself lately that my time online is not an obsession or addiction. I even attempted a 7-day fast of the computer to see just how dependent I was on my laptop.

And last night, knowing I have very important company coming at the end of the week, I began to place more priority on my household chores than my online chores. After all, my VIP friend won't care if my blog is up to date or if my Facebook friends know my status if she has to sleep on dirty sheets and my shower is all soap scummy.

I decluttered quite a bit upstairs - my master bedroom, closet, and bathroom. Yeah, I know... it is really sad when one has to declutter a bathroom. And guess what, I even lugged the vacuum cleaner upstairs to finish putting Charlotte's 12-month clothing in those nifty space bags. (Yes, I realize she is now 20-months old!)

I'm not sure if it was sheer exhaustion or the satisfaction of a job well done, but it felt good to sleep in a clean and organized space last night. The sleep came quickly too.

Tonight, I get to tackle the spare bedroom, where aforementioned VIP will be sleeping. I'll also attempt to unclog that bathroom sink so I can clean the soap scum out of it too!

What areas of your house should you be working on instead of reading this blog post playing around online?
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  1. I also did a big cleaning yesterday. I have a weekly/monthly checklist that I used to use but got away from that and it just wasn't working to remember all the little things I needed to clean so I'm back on the checklist wagon.

    My kids are old enough to help clean and they do some cleaning - but it's often so much easier to do it myself so I know it's done quickly and correctly - but I know training the kids to clean is important. The other day the girl remarked how dirty my car was inside and asked if she could vacuum it - I sure hesitated but she persisted. She did a great job! Hmmmm looks like she's got a new job for life!

  2. Did you have to ask?! I read another article earlier today that clearly showed I was addicted to my computer. I think the message is starting to get through...

    Congrats on your cleaning, anyways!


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