Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tonight's List of 6

I think I've shared here before that I now try to limit my to do list to 6 items because that is much more manageable and it keeps me from adding my dream home improvement projects to every list I ever make.

And with my VIP coming in just a couple of days, I still have a lot of work to do, despite my marathon session on Monday night. It is now about 6 pm and I am going to allow myself to loaf around online until 6:45 before I get started. So here is tonight's "List of 6":

  1. Go through, sort, and otherwise organize mail and papers on pass through
  2. Clean master bathroom (now that it is decluttered)
  3. Clean guest bathroom (the tub has a pretty soap ring from Charlotte's bath time
  4. Clean downstairs bathroom (simple enough, just a toilet and a sink)
  5. Wash guest bedroom sheets
  6. Clear stair landing.
I'll come back soon and share some after pictures!  

Do you have areas of your home where controlling the clutter is nearly impossible?


  1. One suggestion...get rid of the weight set at the bottom of the stairs. Bruce is never going to use it! And its time for a gate vs. the port-a-crib. It will fill so much bigger :)

  2. Well, G-ma, I'm not sure I can get rid of that set in one night, but it might be on the Lo6 some day. And the rail has been picked out for some time, just not ordered yet.


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