Friday, April 24, 2009

My Morning Declutter Update

Charlotte blessed me with a few extra hours to work uninterrupted this morning by sleeping until 10 am. So, here are the kitchen pictures I promised last night.

As scary as it looks, I should have had nightmares last night knowing what awaited me this morning. I freely admit it, I went to bed with my kitchen looking like this. I do think these pictures represent a new low for even me.

There is hope for the worst of us though, and these following after pictures prove it.
Now obviously, there is stull stuff on my counters, and dishes I just washed that need to dry before I can put them away. But, I have a small kitchen and this is my reality. I won't ever be able to have clear counters the way I want. Oh, and my pantry needs another reorganization so that I might get the box off the floor.

I also cleared up the entry way. Before and after side by side. This was pretty easy because again, more decluttered stuff from the rest of the house was just waiting to be taken to the dumpster or loaded into my car for the next trip to the thrift shop.

By no means is my house now perfect, I still have to get those sheets on the bed and clean the downstairs bathroom, but I feel much better about our VIP guest coming to stay with us for a few days. And I know Bruce appreciates the effort too. Let's just hope I can maintain most of this neatness in the days after our VIP guest leaves town.


  1. Way to go! The kitchen looks great..and I'm in the same boat. My kitchen is also small- if the countertops are empty, it's only because I moved everything to the table to clean them!

  2. It looks like you are doing a fantastic job accomplishing your goals of getting your house cleaned up and decluttered. I am so glad that you are feeling good about your efforts - you should be!

    I found two things that you said very interesting...

    1. You said "But, I have a small kitchen and this is my reality. I won't ever be able to have clear counters the way I want."

    I don't think this is true - and you should not allow yourself to believe this. If you do - you are dooming yourself to a life of cluttered counters.

    If you really want clear counters in a small kitchen with small children in the home, you just have to get a little more vigilant about what you really and truly need to keep in your kitchen and how you utilize the storage space you have available to you.

    2. You also said that you hope you can keep your house looking tidy after your guest leaves. You can accomplish that goal if you constantly remind yourself of it. Print off these before and after pictures and put them up on your fridge. Every time you are tempted to just set something down anywhere thinking that you will deal with it later, remind yourself of your goal.

    The most important thing is to keep up the good work and keep doing things that make you feel proud of yourself! You go girl!!


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