Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Camera Broke

It was a hard afternoon 2 weeks ago when Bruce brought me my broken camera. I was as shocked as anyone when it actually made me cry. I am going to blame that on the pregnancy hormones.

You see, Bruce gave me that camera for Christmas when we found out that I was pregnant with Charlotte. It was small and cute, but still took pretty good pictures (my skills notwithstanding). I had planned to use that camera to document all of Charlotte's childhood, and the childhood of Babin (the one in my belly) too. Somehow, the LCD screen was crushed. And since this particular model didn't have a viewfinder, I was stuck.

I've been using Bruce's camera, but it isn't the same. It is his. I bought it for him last year to replace the first digital camera we had ever owned. I just don't enjoy using it as much.

And now we have the point of this post (beyond my whining about a silly camera). What kind of camera should I get to replace my broken one?

A very respected photographer friend suggested the Nikon D40. It is a reasonably priced entry level DSLR camera. And I kind of want to upgrade to a DSLR camera just so I can take my pictures to the next level (in theory at least).

I don't really know what my budget is yet. Bruce hasn't decided. And, I don't want to rush the decision in case he wants to surprise me for Mother's Day or our 11th wedding anniversary. But, please leave your suggestions so that he may start to figure out what, if anything, he wants to do about my broken camera.

No pressure Bruce! Just trying to help you make an informed decision. :)


  1. Poor camera! Sorry Bruce, I got nothin' for ya.

  2. Bruce- scratch that. You need to buy the coolest most awesome-ist DSLR camera. Ever. ;)

  3. I've heard this one takes decent photos and is user-friendly.

  4. Don't worry Katie, he's just trying to throw me off!

  5. OK, seriously. I know Jennifer has been wanting a DSLR. But, I don't see it as a reasonable daily-use camera. Sure, they have cool features. But, a good point-and-shoot has more features than all but a tiny percentage of people will use. DSLR's are big and bulky. I don't see Jennifer dragging around her DSLR to the local parks, family vacations, Disney, etc.

    Jennifer has a history of romanticizing things. Ask her about the really nice picnic basket she recently found unused in a closet. And ask her about her recent family camping trip.

  6. I'm going to chime in and vote against the DSLR also. My suggestion is one of the high-end compact digitals, between a point-and-shoot and a DSLR.

    I’ve got a Nikon CoolPix S4 that I can’t recommend enough. Unfortunately they don’t make them any more. I wanted a long optical zoom (and big memory chip and travel tripod) for taking wildlife pictures on a trip and it’s still small enough for fast snaps. It also has the control settings that I can take more than “automatic” pictures, e.g., in bad lighting. Even on my old film camera I loved the macro and panoramic settings for taking special pictures with. Usually flowers and landscapes or groups of people.

    Fast pocket-to-picture would probably be my primary requirement if choosing a new camera for someone now. I mostly find myself shooting up-close partying-people and I suspect most other people are doing the same thing most of the time. However, this summer I’m on vacation again and plan to make use of the extra features of the S4. So I’d actually look for a camera that has more features than a point-and-shoot (features that are easy to use – that’s as important as the feature set, some of the P&S cameras are hard to adjust on the fly) but without the complications, size and expense of a DSLR.

    John “4 cents” Bothwell

  7. I have a Canon S5IS...I bought it from Walmart.com after Alyssa broke my kodak.....I love the cannon better! My friend Abby who is a photographer said I can achieve the same work she does professionally. I wanted to be able to take pix like she did of my kids. Look at the pix of my girls on my facebook under "my babies" and you will see what I mean. I hope to practice and do as well even though she has raw talent.

  8. so, if you're willing to spend the money and willing to learn how to use it, a slr from cannon or nikon would be nice. if not, i love my canon coolpix. and i would have anniversary pics to post, but the battery died and it doesn't take aa batteries. but, it takes awesome pics (see blog for examples). good luck choosing!


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