Thursday, April 16, 2009

Charlotte's 20-Month Update

Before I realized it, Charlotte became 20-months old. I was still putting her pictures into the 19-month folder when it occurred to me that I had lost track of time.

And I also realized, that while I share a lot of our regular activities on this blog, I haven't talked about what skills and words Charlotte has acquired in the last couple of weeks and months.

Bruce and I have really seen her explode in the number of verbal words she has. I think we have counted at least 30, but each day we think of more to add to our mental list (or maybe she just acquires more, knowing we are keeping a list?). I read that this type of verbal explosion is common around 18-19 months old. For Charlotte though, it is over and above the more than 70 signs that she now knows and still uses.

We have even been excited to see her begin using 2-word phrases. Just the other night, when Bruce cleared my plate off the table, she said, "Momma back!" As in, give Momma back her plate. We assured her it was okay and that I didn't need it anymore.

She has two favorite songs to sing - "Deep and Wide" and "Pattycake." And she does the hand motions to both of them. For "Deep and Wide," she even makes her Nonna do that hand motions too.

Recently, she came down with Fifths Disease (I talked about it on my FB page) so she has had a slight loss of appetite and really prefers to eat her pop-pops (sugar-free ice pops) instead of anything else. I don't mind too much because I am sure it soothes her throat, but I do try to make sure she at least eats some grains, fruit, and dairy before she gets her pop-pops.


  1. Don't you love watching them learn new stuff? It is amazing how much they change in such a short time!

  2. I feel like I am missing out on so much now that I am back at work. I appreciate being able to read the updates here but just makes me miss her more!

  3. Jennifer and I have a disagreement about what Charlotte calls ice-pops. Jennifer thinks Charlotte is saying pop-pops. But, I think she is saying bop-bop.

  4. I'll try to get some video and we can let the audience decide.


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