Thursday, April 23, 2009

Decluttering: Night 2

Last night's festival of decluttering went fairly well and now I am ready to start a third evening of clean out. Admittedly, I am getting a very late start tonight, but I hope to get something accomplished as our VIP will be here soon.

Here is my list of six, which will actually carry over to tomorrow morning, because I already know I can't get all of this done in one evening.
  1. Declutter wall by stairs.
  2. Declutter end table.
  3. Clear up Charlotte's toys (she has WAY too many downstairs!)
  4. Put sheets on guest bed (they were washed last night)
  5. Clean downstairs bathroom (it didn't get done last night)
  6. Clear kitchen counters (some of stuff from other spots ended up here)
And I am going to be brave again and share some before pictures with you:

The wall by the stairs...  Easter baskets, stuff I need to deliver to the thrift store, and tons of random stuff from all of the other areas I've decluttered this week.

The end table. Yikes! Yes, that is a Christmas tree on top of the table. Most of this stuff is either artwork or magazines. It should be easy to pare down to give the space some breath.

A long shot of my entire living room.  It looks a lot scarier in a picture than in real life, I promise. Most of the issue is Charlotte's toys, which should be easy to fix.

After pictures will be forthcoming... I have to in order to save face with my readers now that you've seen my house in total wreckage!

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  1. keep up the decluttering! this is the great thing about moving... everytime we get ready to move, i end up 'decluttering' and once i start my 'turning the house into home' phase, i declutter somemore. it's amazing how wonderful it is to declutter your home. soon you'll find that you decluttered some in your life too


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