Monday, April 13, 2009

Charlotte's Second Easter Party

To celebrate Resurrection Sunday, our family started out by going to church. We love our new church and its pastor and were blessed with a service full of worship and great preaching. He didn't try to get cute about Easter, he just preached the gospel message. What more could we ask for?

Once we were home, I twisted Bruce's arm to take a few shots of Charlotte and I in our pink outfits. This one is my favorite because we all look nice and you can see the Babin bump, which is looking a lot bigger all of a sudden!
After lunch at home, we headed up towards my family and met them for a picnic. Grumpy was very excited to play with Charlotte, though I don't think his plan to swing with her worked out so well. :) 

G-ma wanted to get in on the playing action and brought some cool bowling pins for Charlotte. She had fun knocking them over with her feet, but soon I and Auntie Michelle tired of picking them back up for her.

And G-ma also decided that she needed wings. So here they are.


Finally, we get to the Easter Egg Hunt. Charlotte found the first egg pretty easily. But, then again, it was laying out in a wide-open space. And it was bright pink.
The next one was easy too. Hey, she's only 20 months old and is still new to the idea of hunting for eggs.
I got a little trickier when I hid this yellow egg under the tree. She had to duck to get it.
When Charlotte found the orange egg on top of the small memorial behind her, she surprised me by turning around and signing orange as she walked it to her basket. She really, truly is learning her colors. 
Eventually, we let her eat. But she wasn't that interested in eating. I think she ate something like 5 grapes and a bit of a Sunchip. Her throat was a little scratchy today so I guess she wasn't too hungry. But she had enough energy to play and stand up in her chair! 
Just another beauty shot of my bunny cupcakes, in case Epicurious is looking for one. :) 

Despite not eating much lunch, she did find the energy to pull this puppy by the tail. Don't worry though, we put a quick stop to it. After I took this picture. :)

Instead of a traditional Easter basket, G-ma gave Charlotte an Easter back pack. Inside was her first My Little Pony. She was very excited and ran off with into the field. (I don't know why she thought that was the appropriate response. Really, I don't.)
I don't have a cute story for this picture, I just liked it. She really is a nature-lovin', tree-huggin' kind of girl! 

And here is the whole crew. We had a lot of fun with my family and our friends today. I hope we can do it again sometime!


  1. I love ALL of the Easter pictures....they are darling! My girls love being outside too.

    Looks like you had a wonderful day with your family.

  2. Those are gorgeous photos - such fun! The baby bump is great! And Esme is sporting similar butterfly wings these days.

  3. I think they're cute! And kids (for some odd reason) think candy is good on cake right? I'm sure they were a hit.

    Me? I'd top a cupcake with ice cream. And chocolate syrup. And whipped cream and cherries :)


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