Sunday, April 12, 2009

Charlotte's First Easter Egg Hunt

Warning: Lots of pictures to follow...

On Good Friday, Charlotte attended her first Easter Egg hunt, hosted by our local playgroup. We were the first to arrive and no eggs were hidden yet, but that didn't stop her from scoping out the best hiding spots.

 After she got her basket all tucked away, it was playtime for a little while. This is Charlotte's famous flying pose. She likes to run as fast as she can with her arms splayed out behind her in an effort to lift off.
 Once her arms got sore, she commandeered the red wagon and managed to convince a few boys to pull her around for a long, long while. They seemed more than happy to oblige her wishes to be carted all over the park. I better watch out how she uses this power as she gets older!

Fortunately, she is a giver too and tried really hard to pull them herself. I offered to help but was rebuked. She wanted to do it all by herself. And she did, along with another older boy who pushed it from behind (not pictured).
Here is the only shot of both of us from that day.
 Finally, the hunt began and she was off. First to the fence line where many brightly colored eggs were awaiting her tiny, little hands.
 Not all of the eggs were quite so easy to spot though. This yellow one was hiding in some tall weeds.
 She wasn't sure if she could take it or not.
In the end, she collected the 10 eggs each child was allowed and her basket was full of stickers, small toys, and some chewy candy for Momma!

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