Monday, December 22, 2008

Guest Review: Time4Learning Wrap-up

Want to know what Tess has to say about Time4Learning now that her review period is over? Then keep on reading! :)


I’m back with my final installment to this site Time 4 Learning.  I really have had mixed emotions with this review.  I think it is a great site.  It covers all core subjects.  It is entertaining and engaging for the kids.  I think it definitely has its place in home schooling settings.  Here is where I had problems.  I love to interact with my kids.  I love for them to interact with each other.  This program is a curriculum that is solely on the computer.  There isn’t conversation.  I looked over at my child staring blankly into a screen.  I know that he was learning and I am sure the gears were turning in his head, but I felt like I was allowing him too much time in front of a screen for the sake of education. 

This site doesn’t claim to be a Christian site.  There are places that I felt the dialogue was a little sassy and maybe disrespectful.  There were topics touched upon that I wasn’t too keen on.  This occurred in the science department.  This was my opinion though and you might not find these issues too pressing.

Here is where I do think this site can fit in beautifully.  I think it would be great for a summer program.  I could definitely see this being used for the “I’m bored…“ moments in the dog days of summer. The price is absolutely right at $19.95 a month for Language Arts and Math.  You can add a second child for an additional $14.95 a month.  You are given a 14 day money back guarantee and there is no long term contract.  Pre-school all the way to 8th grade is covered. 

I am really glad to have gotten to review this site.  It helped me further define what I feel education to be for my family.  See, you may be reading these reviews and making some decisions for yourselves about what you feel home education is and what might work for your family, but what I am learning is that even though I have been home schooling for many years, my ideas too constantly change and evolve about what I feel home education is too.  As my kids change and grow, I have to find new and interesting ways to approach subjects without compromising what we value and cherish. 

You can find out what the rest of the Homeschool Crew has to say about this site, by visiting The Oldschoolhouse Homeschool Crew Blog.

Thanks for reading yet again…..Tess

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