Monday, December 29, 2008

Guest Review: Man in the Map

What is something you remember learning in elementary school? For me, it was learning how to be the teacher's pet. (If you knew me in real life, you'd totally understand!). This week, Tess shares something she wished she had in elementary school to make learning a little more interesting.

One of the things I remember about elementary school was learning where states were located on a map.  There was just no connection made for me to help me recall what I was learning.  Schoolside Press has published a book that I wish had been around for me when I was a child.

That is all I needed was for Geography to be fun.  Well, The Little Man in the Map written by E. Andrew Martonyi is just the ticket to making that Geography lesson fun and easy to remember.  The main character is MIM (Man in the Map).  Now, you may ask where this man is in the map.  If you trace around Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana then you have found him.  Mim comes alive and teaches a classroom full of kids in the story about the Northeastern States, Southeastern States, South Central States, Western States and the Midwestern States.  Clues are learned along the way to help visualize  the entire USA.

imageThe story is written in rhyme which further engages learning.  The illustrations by Ed Olson are wonderful.  There are free coloring pages to go along with the story found at  There is even a wall map (38x22) available for purchase that further helps to reinforce the location of the states.  The book can also be purchased directly from the site for $19.95                                                 

This book is a fun way to learn the 50 states.  You can find out what the rest of the Homeschool Crew has to say about this book, by visiting The Oldschoolhouse Homeschool Crew Blog.

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