Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bedtime with Baby Einstein

For me, this time of year can get very busy. There are more parties, special playgroup celebrations, and events at the children's museum than usual. Lots of people are requiring my time as a mother. That means I have to be extra careful to give attention to Charlotte when she needs it and not just when it is convenient for me. Even my La Leche League leader knows we have to be careful to spend extra time with our kids this time of year and shared a little 12 Days of Breastfeeding ditty with us.

One way I make sure Charlotte and I get quality mommy-daughter time in is by reading. I have an attention span almost as short as my daughter's and like to keep adding new books into our rotation. That is why, when I received a Baby Einstein gift package from Mom Central recently, I immediately tore it open and we started in on the book. It is a Baby Einstein: Touch and Feel Baby Animals board book. We both loved petty all of the animals fur and skin. Not being a farm girl, I can't vouch for how realistic it all felt (thankfully it didn't smell realistic!), but the variety of textures is interesting and enjoyable.

We also received a copy of Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics, Vol. 2 and enjoyed dancing along to it.
Charlotte has a lot of musicality and really enjoys this. I don't think I would use this as part of our bedtime ritual, but it could be effective in winding down for nap time after a particularly active play date.

And when I popped the Baby Einstein - Baby Mozart - Music Festival DVD in, I actually took the time to watch the extras for parents. I'll be honest and let you know I had shunned these DVDs in the past because I thought they were too simple, but after listening to the mom who created these share her thoughts and then other moms share how they use these videos to interact with their children, I feel differently. Charlotte and I will definitely use this video to share some special moments talking about color, animals, and rhythm.

So, my advice... since the holidays are going to bring extra stress and time demands, make sure you take extra moments each day to bond with your child. Whether you use a book, video, cd, or other toy, you and your child will both reap the benefits of the time together.

This post sponsored by Mom Central and Baby Einstein.

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