Monday, December 15, 2008

Green Irene Comes for a Visit

Well, not actually. But it would be cool.


You don't know who Green Irene is?

Oh. So you haven't heard of one of the newest companies to help mommas keep their carbon footprint smaller?

Let me introduce to Green Irene then.

Green Irene is an environmental consulting company that makes house calls. For $99 a Green Irene consultant will come to your home and show you ways to reduce your electric and water costs. Call it a Green Makeover (because that is what they call it!)

Green Home Makeover Topics include:
  • Energy conservation improvements
  • Energy efficient lighting replacements
  • Water conservation and purity tools
  • Green energy sources available in your area (i.e. electricity from wind power and other renewable sources rather than coal)
  • Improving indoor air quality
  • Toxic free living by reducing harmful chemicals in use
  • Recycling and waste reduction
  • And so much more...
And if having your own home made over isn't enough and you want to spread the enviro-love, then you can even get more information about becoming a Green Irene consultant. As an independent consultant for another direct marketing company, I can tell you their process looks fairly simple and they help protect your territory as well. That is always valuable in this type of business.

Sponsored by Green & Clean Mom and Green Irene.

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