Friday, December 05, 2008

Thanksgiving Pictures from Cape Canaveral

My husband's job is really great. He gets an entire week off for Thanksgiving. (And don't get me started on 2 weeks for Christmas, 1 week just because Spring has sprung, and the 3 months over the summer!) This year, we travelled all the way to Cape Canaveral, a whole 90 minutes away, to whittle away the time doing practically nothing.

As licensed educators, we both earned free passes to Kennedy Space Center. It's a neat place to go if you like space exploration and reading a lot of long signs explaining what you are looking at. It can also be fun if you like to ignore the do not climb on me signs too.

Charlotte was not breaking any laws when she climbed into this space thing at Kennedy Space Center. This is a mock-up of the Apollo capsule and is super tiny. I tried to get a picture of Bruce sitting in it properly, but he moved out of it too quickly once he realized I was reaching for the camera. This might just be my favorite picture of her from vacation.

Getting family pictures can be hard when you are traveling alone. We used to just take self-portraits, but that is harder now with 3 of us to fit into the frame. A kind older couple offered to take a family picture for us, and well, at least our heads aren't chopped off or anything.

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of babies walking around in just a diaper. But, since I am a fan of sleeping in whenever possible, I don't particularly care whether or not my husband dresses Charlotte before I awake... so long as I get to sleep longer than usual. I think she is getting ready to go shopping here.

Sometimes vacations can wear out the most excited babies. I don't remember where we were that we stayed out so late, but it was probably something boring like going to Home Depot to buy a bucket for brining the turkey. Which, by the way, results in the moistest turkey ever! I highly recommend it next time you need to cook a large bird.

Here are a few more random photos... I won't caption them since this post has already gotten kind of long. Enjoy!

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