Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guest Review: Rime to Read

If you are new around here, thanks for sticking around after the giveaways. One of the regular features here at Family Musings is guest posts. Recently, my friend Tess, a homeschooling mom of 3, has been sending me some great reviews to share with you. Since I have been kind of preoccupied with my mom lately, I am sharing another one of her reviews with you today. Let her know what you think!

Hi Everyone!!!! I don’t know how many of you have young children or children that may be having trouble learning how to read, but if you fit in either category this is a great product for you.
First of all, the name of the company is not spelled wrong.

Why Rime Not Rhyme? No, this isn't a spelling mistake. Rime is a word! Rimes sound and look alike.Rhymes (e.g. care, hair, where) sound alike but do not always look alike.

There are all different reading programs out there and they are all different prices. The end result is still the same…..hopefully better readers are born. Rime to Read can achieve this without breaking the bank. Let me first tell you what all this program can do for you before I tell you how little it actually costs.

There are 20 books that are intended to be read cumulatively. You can read the books online and even click on words that are difficult and hear them spoken. Words in each word family are color coded and high frequency words are pointed out as well. By the end of the 20 books, 35 site words, 20 word families and 46 high frequency words are learned and hopefully mastered. There is a newsletter and a “tip of the week.” After your child has enjoyed the book online you can save it to your computer and print them off. The books are yours to keep and you child can read it and read it and read it. My three kids are much too old for this product but it was very similar to the “Hooked on Phonics” program I used, only not so complicated nor so expensive.

Lots of reading programs are very expensive. How expensive is Rime to Read? This one is not that at all. You are also given options. You can purchase the entire set of 20 books to enjoy online and in your hands for $44.99 or you can purchase sets of 4 books at a time for $9.99. They are even letting you try the first book for free.

You can learn more at the Rime to Read website or as always read other reviews at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.

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