Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Blood Transfusion Worked

They finally gave my mom 1 unit of blood last night and, while we don't know what it did to her numbers exactly, it definitely perked her up. My dad reports that she was feeling more like her old self.

One idea I had about this sudden onset of hemloytic anemia is that it might have been caused by an implant she had put in her foot a few weeks ago. But, they called the doctor who did the surgery and her implant is titanium, not synthetic. So, finding the solution won't be as easy as removing the implant.

We are waiting to hear what her schedule holds today and if she will still have a couple of GI procedures the doctors want to do. I think I will be allowed to visit her today as well. We'll see...

Thank you to everyone who responded that you are praying for her. I really appreciate it, and I know she will too when she gets back to her laptop.


  1. Glad to hear it! May your mom continue to get better, and may the doctors have wisdom as they try to sort this out.


  2. That's great news. I hope she continues on the road to recovery and is back home soon.


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