Thursday, December 04, 2008

I love the internet!

Go ahead, say it with me. You know you do too. It makes our lives so much easier, especially when it comes to keeping in touch with friends and sharing updates with our families.

I also like how it has made the world a little smaller, particularly when it comes to shopping. What if I told you there was an online mall with over 2000 merchants for you to shop with and you didn't have to deal with those pesky department store beauty counter ladies? You know, the ones who want to glop goop all over your face and spray you down with the latest teen pop idols perfume.

There is. It is called Purchases can be conveniently made from one over the 2000+ merchants using one universal "shopping cart" to buy everything at one time or by clicking over to participating merchants' sites.

Not only does online shopping help us save time, frustration, and gas, but when I was looking around I found the Save Green, Live Green page and was impressed that they also offer products to support an environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I also really liked that this site seems to support smaller retailers as well, not just the big box stores. Additionally, provides expert advice, shopping tips, and articles, while giving easy ways to save money via price comparison tools, coupons, and rebates.
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  1. Thinking of you Jennifer. I'm praying your mom gets well soon.


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