Sunday, May 27, 2007

Wedding Photos

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from my brother's wedding. I know the official photographer's photos will be way better, but you will have to wait for those. The ceremony was very long, but the minister had a good sense of humor. I think this was the first wedding I had been to where the whole audience laughed more than a couple of times. While he did talk a lot, he had an interesting idea for making peace in marriage. He gave Nick and Michelle each a red rose and asked them to use the red rose as a reminder of their love. (At this point I thought the rose thing was a bit cheesy myself, but he went on...) Next, he said if they ever got in a situation where they were upset or had argued but couldn't find the words to say "I'm sorry," they could bring home a single red rose and put it in a designated place of their home as a message to the other that they were ready for reconciliation.

Nick & Michelle - They had those smiles all night and were truly excited to be "official."

Nick & Michelle

Bruce & I - It was the end of the night and we were tired, but we still found the energy to smile for the camera one more time.

Bruce & Jennifer

I've been having some lower abdominal pain for the last couple of days. It started on Friday. I don't notice it until I am trying to get up from sitting or laying down. The baby's activity hasn't changed during this same time so I think I am just experience some round ligament pain. I have been running around a lot to get ready for the wedding so I am probably just worn out. Hopefully, after a day or two of rest I'll be feeling better. If not, my next doctor's appointment is on Tuesday. I'll discuss this with her then.

Oh, and someone sent this poignant video to me. I hope you enjoy it. It is called "Children See, Children Do."

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