Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Don't Have Gestational Diabetes

What good news I received today! I had my 29 week appt with Dr. Salamon and my test results from the 4-hour glucose tolerance test were just fine. Only one number was high and it was the 3-hour number. She said it just meant my system slowed down and there was no reason for me to test my 3-hour blood sugar. Her only recommendation was to watch my sweets. I can do that. I really didn't mind following the low-carb plan anyway as I was getting more protein and felt full for longer. I do need to get more fiber incorporated into it though.

Thanks for reading my blog about this little thing. It is nice to have a way to share my ups and downs. On another note, the doctor checked me out after I explained the abdominal pain and some spotting and said everything was okay there as well. She said I probably just overexerted myself getting ready for this weekend. All's well though. No need to be concerned now. Have a good night! I'm going to bed early tonight!

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