Friday, May 04, 2007

Baby Names

Even though Bruce thinks he is being clever by publicly suggesting the name Theophilus, please know, it is not under serious consideration. I know that certain members of my family took it hard when we told them we didn’t want to share the top names, we really had our reasons. I think a name is a very important thing. It has the power to help someone succeed in life because of unconscious activity in brains. Also, I found that the few names I had loved and planned to use for years, have finally lost their luster due to over-thinking them. I want names that are original and reflect a certain degree of classic taste while still allowing for some quirkiness. I think it is possible to find these names so I am open to suggestions. Privately, I have received some very nice names. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. What do you wish you had been named? Is there a name you never got to use for your own children?

A while back, my friend Beverly sent me a fun website for names. You can find out how many people in the United Stated have your name. I checked and not only are there no people in the US named Theophilus Sabin, there are no people name Theophilus!

As for me:
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

An update on my blood sugar – I tested it again this morning and was even further below the 95 mark for a fasting blood sugar level than the first time I tested. Yesterday, I ate so much at school that I was never hungry for a real dinner so I had a bowl of cereal about 6:30 pm and tested this morning about 6 am. I think I should be good to go with the test next week, but I am still trying to replace all of my white breads with whole grains. It is just a healthier way to eat.


  1. Well, Jennifer claims to want a name "that [is] original and reflect[s] a certain degree of classic taste while still allowing for some quirkiness." Does Theophilus not meet each of those requirements? Jennifer pointed out that according to some website (whose accuracy is debatable), there are no other people named Theophilus is the US. Hello, can you say original? At the same time, Theophilus is named twice in the Bible (Acts and Luke were written to Theophilus). How much more classic can you get than a biblical name? Plus, there's the side benefit of reading Bible stories to your child and having the stories sound as if they were written to your child. And while I don't know what the heck Jennifer meant by "quirkiness," I can only guess that Theophilus meets that standard. And the name comes with a traditional nickname, Theo, to offer balance.

  2. If Jennifer doesn't like Theo, my dad and I came up with another possible name. In order to ensure Baby Sabin never suffers at the hands of TSA airport security, we could name him Abdul Mohammed. Airport security will be wanding Brian Smith while young Abdul gets to walk right by.


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