Monday, May 07, 2007

Giving Birth

Have I mentioned yet that I am trying to become more familiar with the birthing process by watching videos of births online? I won't overstep your comfort zone and post any of those videos, but this video on made me wonder, what would happen if we got stuck in traffic and Bruce had to deliver our baby? I think he might faint, kind of like this guy:
If you don't want to know anything about breast feeding, stop now!
Since this is supposed to be a journal of my experience as a pregnant lady, I think that I would be remiss if I did not include a comment or two about how my breasts are changing during this time. Now, before you get visions of Victoria Secret models in your head, you should know, it isn't sexy. It's beautiful in a natural way, but this is not titillating stuff here. Of course, my breasts are getting bigger. This is what happens to pregnant ladies, but that is only because they are having to accommodate breast milk, which will be used to feed my baby. What I really want to describe is the first time I physically realized that my breasts were meant to provide nourishment to Baby Sabin. I didn't expect it, but a flood of emotions washed over me. I actually found myself crying thinking how wonderful it was that my body knew what to do, and was doing it! To most people, that probably sounds nuts, but as I have been spending more time considering a natural birth process, I have been trying to become more confident in my own body's ability to do what it is programmed by God to do. This experience just increased my confidence in my own body. I found a lot of information about how this God-created process works here.

As for a progress report on Baby Sabin's growth... I am now 26 weeks pregnant, which makes Baby Sabin 24 weeks old (because of how they count the weeks from ovulation, which 2 about 2 weeks before conception). Here is a picture of Baby Sabin:

26 Weeks

You can read about how Baby Sabin has grown here.


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