Thursday, May 24, 2007

Glucose Tolerance Test

Well, today was the big test. I began fasting last night around 9 pm and then was at the lab by 7:15 this morning. They were able to take the fasting blood sugar level fairly quickly. However, it took over an hour to get the results back. Apparently, they won't give you the glucose solution to drink until they verify that your blood sugar is in range for a fast. Mine was and I quickly drank all 10 ounces of the stronger, 100 gram orange flavored syrup. It is so sweet it almost stings the back of your throat as it goes down. But I get it over with quickly.

The first hour passed just fine. I was able to work on my Daniel Bible study and listen to some music on the iPod Bruce lent me. By the end though I was feeling sleepy from a restless night and possibly from all of the glucose now in my system. They stuck me again for the 1-hour test and then I went out to my car to take a nap and listen to a HypnoBirthing CD. It was very relaxing and I am looking forward to learning more about this birthing method that is free from all drugs and minimizes medical interventions.

Finally, after being stuck, waiting another hour, then being stuck again I was free to go home. The only real side effect was an upset stomach from putting all of that glucose into an empty tummy. I guess I'll find out my results when I go to my regularly scheduled doctor's visit on Tuesday. I'll let you know how it turns out! In case you want to know more about the test, here is a very thorough website: Medline Plus Medical Encyclopedia

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