Sunday, January 16, 2011

Top 10 Posts from 2010

I was looking around at the statistics for my site and thought it would be interesting to share the ten posts that had the most page views in 2010.
  1. Giving Birth  - I suppose everyone loves a good birth story. Or that is how it would seem, but this post is mostly about breastfeeding. I hadn't even given birth to my first daughter yet. And I mentioned Victoria's Secret. So it gets a lot of hits from Google. Nearly 2000 last year alone. Originally published: May 2007
  2. My Legs Hurt - What a good post to be reminded of! My feet are starting to hurt again a lot and I really am doing something about it. Only this time I am NOT pregnant! Originally published: June 2007
  3. I Got Purple Highlights - Some of the search strings that bring people to this post include references to 28 or 30 being too old for purple highlights. I don't think so! Originally published: July 2010
  4. Easy-Peasy Dehydrated Apples - I love that this post gets so much attention. This is one of my favorite things to eat and so many people have been helped by it. Originally published: November 2008
  5. Grace - I bared my soul a little in this post and lots of you responded with love. That is what make the people who read this blog so awesome! Originally published: September 2010
  6. Giveaway: Bake Me A Wish - This post was a part of Birthday Bash and generated a lot of excitement because I was giving away a whole cake! The Birthday Bash posts represent 5 of my tops posts in 2010. Originally published: August 2010
  7. Giveaway: The Sewing Loft - I might have enjoyed this Birthday Bash review the most. Not only do we still use the pretend food often, but I found out about a new to me company on Facebook that makes so many adorable appliques. Originally published: August 2010
  8. Giveaway: Chocomize - No one seemed to mind my chocolate review. :) I wonder if they would do another giveaway for my Mother's Day event. Hmmm... Chocomize, are you listening? Originally published: August 2010
  9. Giveaway: Cake Crystals - These are such an inventive idea its no wonder people loved this giveaway. Plus, this company was founded and run by a mompreneur. What's not to like about that? Originally published: August 2010
  10. Review: Funnix Reading Lessons - I shouldn't really include this one. But I did publish it on January 10th so it kind of fits my list rules. And the number of hits it has already received means it was more popular than all but 8 of my posts in 2010. Originally published: January 2011
  11. Giveaway: Peppers and Pollywogs - Here's one of those Birthday Bash posts again! Lots of people love it when I giveaway stuff. And friends and family, did you know you can enter too? I employ a random number generator to choose winners so thre is no chance you will get preferential treatment. Originally published: August 2010
  12. Mary is Walking - Ahhh... a little Mary love in 2010. I'm glad this made it in the top because I know Mary doesn't get as much blogging love from me as she deserves. At least my readers love her! Originally published - September 2010
  13. Review: Inglesina AVIO Stroller - This review is for a high-end stroller. If I were going to buy one myself, I'd be sure to read every review of it I could find online before making my purcahse! Originally published: December 2010
So what did we learn from this blog review exercise? That overwhelmingly, my review and giveaway posts get the most traffic. So either I need to start writing funnier, more poignant posts to increase the pageviews around here, or, more easily (since I have no talent as a humorist), I'll keep doing what the masses like. (So long as I get to try out some cool stuff!)

And speaking of reviews... I have a ton coming up! I am still working with some PR reps to facilitate a giveaway to go along with some of them. Keep your eyes posted!

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