Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: Poo-Pourri

What's the most unpleasant thing you do on a regular (hopefully) basis? What if I told you about something that could make it less unpleasant? Would you want to know?

I thought so! What I am going to tell you about will become a must own item. You'll want one for when you travel, one to keep in your purse, one to give to your father-in-law, even teenagers will want one. This product can help you avoid embarrassment in just about any circumstance. No one will ever have to know the next time you have "tummy-trouble."

It's called Poo-Pourri. And I think it is a must have for every bathroom in the house. We've been using it for a few months and it makes a world of difference in our small home. The basic idea is that your spray a spritz of Poo-Pourri into the toilet bowl before you, ahem, take care of business, and it masks the odor by putting a protective layer of essential oils on the water. All anyone smells is the herbal scent of bergamot, lemongrass, and grapefruit (or other blend depending on which Poo-Pourri item you choose).

There are other combinations of herbal scents depending on which variety you buy. Here are some of the most popular ones:
  1. Poo-Pourri Original
  2. Poo-Pourri Monogram (for fancy, personalized bathrooms & gifts)
  3. Heaven Scent (with white jasmine florals)
  4. Poo-Pourri Jr Lil' Stinker (the one we tried and also use in the toilet)
  5. Pooch-Pourri

I do know that you can find these in some boutique stores using the Poo-Pourri locator, or you can just buy them online.

I had one friend suggest that this would be the perfect thing to pack if you are going to a convention and need to share a room with people who might not be your best friend. If I owned a vacation rental home, I might stock it there as well.

Either way, I do not ever want to run out of this stuff! We've had a 4 ounce bottle since October and it isn't even a third of the way gone. It doesn't take much to make your bathroom smell pleasant when it matters most!

I'm curious, if you were going to give this as a gift, who would you give it too? I won't tell, I promise!

Disclaimer: I received 1 4 ounce bottle of Poo-Pourri Jr. Lil' Stinker to facilitate my review. I did not use it on diapers though, we just use it for the people who are potty trained. :)

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