Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pajama Sisters

The week after Christmas, Bruce and I finally decided to take a risk and move move Mary into Charlotte’s room. It has always been our intention for the girls to share a room and after 15 months, we were ready to reclaim our space. The crib has been in their room from the very beginning and Mary's been using a pack & play in our room. I didn't make sense to move Mary until she could reliably sleep through the night. Finally, with Bruce home for Christmas break, we were ready to try it. 

And you know what, it worked. 

We had been generally preparing Charlotte by letting her know the time would come. And the day before the big day, we sat down with Charlotte and told her the exciting news. And she was excited. Bruce was actually really surprised how excited she was to hear the news.

Charlotte is a really great big sister. She watches out for Mary, loves to play with Mary, and most of the time, she likes to share her toys with Mary. So, I guess it shouldn’t surprise us too much that she has done so well sharing her bedroom.

This morning, Mary woke up before Charlotte. Bruce tried to get in there as quick as possible, hoping he could get Mary before she woke up Charlotte. But, as he was picking up Mary, Charlotte quietly said, “Please don’t move her to another room.” She loves sharing a bedroom with Mary so much that it makes her sad to think that Mary won’t be in the room.

I don't think I could ask for a happier pair of footy pajama sisters. They've come a long way! 

The sisters November 2009

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