Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Polk County Mom Bloggers

Recently, my local paper, The Ledger, published an article about local mom blogs. I thought I'd take the chance to share them with you here. Not all of these local bloggers were featured in the Ledger article, but they are all worthy of your time. If you are local and know of any other blogging mommas out there, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

The Dearie's Not So Dailies - My friend Amy always has something cute or funny to share on her personal blog, and on her crafting blog (Dearie Designs) she always inspires me to start cutting up paper and gluing it to all sorts of things. She really does have some of the best scrapbooking paper I've ever seen. You will be blessed by either blog.

Rogers Family Update - A family-focused blog that features her 3 littles, including stories about how the rules change when Grandma is in town, creating space for a kid's play room, and her cute New Year's tradition with her babies.

A Flower In The Rain - She's a slow poster, but her daughter Madi is adorable and this mom blogger is a Buzz Mama for Mabel's Labels. I'm a little jealous. ;)

Eat, Drink, & Be Jesus - Ida's blog is a favorite of mine because she is real and because every Monday she posts a lists of things she is grateful for. She is also passionate about all the right things - Bound4Life and Haiti just to name two. She even inspired me to find my inner painter to create the pieces I blogged about here.

Uncharted Waters by Mommy Melee - Current blog topics include the process of getting occupational therapy for her son and watching her children grow up and move on.

Your Mama Reviews by Mommy Melle - a product review site focusing on all sorts of budget friendly products that are useful for families.

2 Boys + 1 Girl = One Crazy Mom -  This mom tries to bring her readers "savings for kids along with meals, snack ideas, craft ideas and anything you may need to know about raising a happy healthy child."

Mom to 3 Busy Boys -  This is the go to site for moms who want to know about free or inexpensive events in and around Lakeland. I always check it a few days before the weekend to see if there are any can't miss events going on.

Polk Penny Pinching -  After experiencing financial trouble when her husband became unemployed in 2009, she turned to the web to learn how to save money locally, and her blog was born! She shares mystery shopping tips, where to find free stuff in Polk County for your birthday, and the coupons that pop on a daily basis to save us all money at the grocery store.

The Way It Is - Want to see 4 cute boys get into some mischievous stuff?  I feel as if I don't need to raise any boys of my own to know what it must be like because Kristen keeps it real.

Ramblings from the Sunshine State - Wendy shares deals, crafts, giveaways, and stories about her kids in this cute mom blog. Make sure you check out her right side bar to see all of the other places on the internet she's been featured.

Publix Coupon Queen - Polk County is where Publix is headquartered so it is only natural that we have a lot of deal bloggers around. But my friend Meagan does more than share grocery store deals, she also posts crafts for kids, helpful homeschool links, and lots of dessert recipes!

I am sure I missed someone! I just hope it isn't someone I know. Oh, and I would have posted more buttons, but only one mama blogger had one I could find!

If you are local and know of any other blogging mommas out there, let me know and I'll add them to the list!

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