Tuesday, January 04, 2011

15 MORE Reasons I Am A Good Mom

I like a challenge. And Babs has challenged me again to go further into the good mother that I am and list another 15 reasons I am a good mom. Yikes! It's a good thing she got me started with the first few.
  1. I do crafts with my kids (there are so many more I haven't even blogged about!)
  2. I take them to fun places.
  3. I try to convince them to eat new foods at least once a week (we tried fish last night!).
  4. We laugh together every day (see photo).
  5. I chronicle their lives here so they will know what they were like as little children. Even if I am currently months behind.
  6. Charlotte had a passport before her 2nd birthday & had used it.
  7. We gave them meaningful names.
  8. I am teaching them to be generous.
  9. I try to let them play outside every day.
  10. I made Charlotte write thank-you notes for her Christmas gifts.
  11. We limited the number of gifts they received for Christmas.
  12. I explained who the real Santa is and the real reason we celebrate Christmas.
  13. I asked Charlotte for help with this list and she says I'm a good mommy when I snuggle with her, which we do every morning and after almost every nap. Mary gets in on it too. We don't leave anyone out of the snuggling around here.
  14. I expose them to other cultures (blog post coming about this one).
  15. I try to look on the bright side (like by creating lists like this one!)
That was kind of tough! If Babs asks for another 15 I'm going to be in trouble!

What is some way that YOU are a good mom or dad?

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