Thursday, January 14, 2010

Funny Charlotte Tidbits

Over the last couple of months, Bruce and I have shared cute litte stories about Charlotte on our Facebook pages. Then recently, my friend Minda pointed out that not everyone who reads our blogs are on Facebook. So, like her, I decided to share some of our Charlotte stories here. It will also be easier to find them some day as well.

These are a mix from Bruce and I and only edited enough for them to make sense apart from the status update format of Facebook.

  • After a day full of painting with feet, riding her power wheel with Daddy, and baking a cake for Grumpy, I asked Charlotte what her favorite part of the day was. She replied, 'picking my nose." How is it that she is my daughter? I let her lick cake batter off the beaters! And I even turned them off for her!
  •  I just bought Charlotte a $0.50 angel bell @ Michael's and she declared it her favorite toy ever. Guess I should return her other gifts!
  • Charlotte just told me, after making a bubble Jesus in the tub, complete with bubble stable, that Jesus is her favorite boy. :)
  • As we were getting in the car, Charlotte yelled, "I left my coupon at home!" A girl after my own heart.
  • Charlotte said her first naughty word today - doodoo. And she wasn't referring to her diaper.
  • Charlotte was very proud of herself when I went to get her out of her crib today. She had stripped down to her birthday suit and was ready for a dry diaper!
  • I just had an interesting parent/toddler conversation. Charlotte farted and announced, "It was gas, Daddy." "Yes, I heard it," I told her. "It was heard all over the world," she said. Surprised, I asked her to clarify, "All over the world?" "Yes, it was heard all over the place," she assured me.
  • Bruce had a funny interaction with his 2-year old. Charlotte: "Daddy, more animal crackers please." Bruce: "Can you wait a minute?" Charlotte: (in a sincere tone) "No!" Bruce: "Yes, you can." Charlotte: "OK, Daddy."
  • Jennifer has a modern daughter. Charlotte, and her mother, Jennifer, were building with Legos and Charlotte said she built a house. Jennifer asked who lives in the house. Charlotte replied, "Charlotte, Mommy, Mary and 'puter." She said this while pointing to Mommy, her little sister Mary and a laptop. Sadly, I might need to be ...worried because the laptop was in my lap, but Charlotte didn't mention I lived in the house.
Guess that last one explains the recent doll house story too. :)

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  1. lol....I love to read me crazy but I love the one about her favorite part of the day was picking her nose....I still laughed and it was not the first time I had read it. She is precious.


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