Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haitian Orphans to Come to the US

At MOPs today we were discussing the new decision by the US State Department to bring Haitian orphans to the US. Immediately, I became concerned and had visions of children being brought here even though they were not truly orphans.

While I hope everyone involved will work hard to make sure children aren't separated from their parents or other family that might care for them, I hope you will join me in covering this situation in prayer.

Dear God, we ask that you guide the feet of your Haitian orphans to the places where they can get food, clean water, and a safe place to sleep. For those that are without children or other family to care for them, we ask that you place them in the watch care of people who will love them into safety, whether that is in Haiti, or means they come to a temporary camp or home in the US. Lord, please keep the process full of integrity and honesty while these children mourn the loss of their parents and life as they knew it.

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