Saturday, January 09, 2010

Mary's 4-Month Well Baby Visit

I got some good news at Mary's 4-month well baby visit this week. The doctor seems to think that we should be able to graduate from therapy in a couple of months after the next evaluation.

Mary is on track with the major developmental milestones at this point. Her social skills and responses are excellent and sure sign that she is super-duper intelligent. :) Plus, she rolled over last week for the first time, and as seen in the video below, is now a pro at it!

(here is a link to Mary rolling over in case the embedded video won't work for you)

If you want a good laugh, here is a video of Mary *trying* to roll over.

(And the link in case the embedded video of Mary *trying* won't work)

Here is Mary trying to stay warm while we wait for Dr. Enlow to come in.

The pretty pink and white blanket was made by our family friend Nicole and goes with us just about everywhere, especially in this cold Florida weather.

And here is Charlotte making a funny face for Mommy's cell phone camera.

Finally, and just for posterities sake, here are the 4-month stats:
13 lb 8 oz and 24 inches long


  1. That picture of her in the pink blanket is just precious.....needs a frame!

    Good for you baby girl for rolling over! It just seems like you were born yesterday? Beautiful beautiful girls.

  2. That is great news! The girls look so much alike.


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