Thursday, January 07, 2010

December Crafts

I like to do fun things with Charlotte. I even like to take pictures when we do it. And sometimes, I eventually get around to sharing those fun things and pictures with you here on this blog. I won't apologize though for the delay though. That is one of my blogging pet peeves.

But I won't try to overload ya'll with pictures, I'll just share one fun thing we did - playing with shaving cream and paint.

"This seems like a super exciting thing to do. Mommas has never let me play with the shaving cream before."

"Look at those pretty dots of paint. I really get to touch them!"

"Hmmm... this feels funny."

"And it sticks on my hands!"

"Now I have shaving cream on both hands! How cool!"

"Uh, is it supposed to be so gloppy on my hands? It won't come off."

"I don't like it. Get it off!"

Now you know how to torture a toddler with shaving cream. :)


  1. LOL, that is exactly how my daughter reacted the first time I got out finger paints!

  2. Out of all the crafts you do together there had to be one bust.


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