Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Potty Training Charlotte - Day 1

It is 11:15 am and Charlotte is in her high chair eating lunch. She seems to be dawdling, but that is only because she knows nap time comes after lunch. And maybe because I broke potty training protocol and am letting her watch some PBS Kids while she eats. I needed a break as she's been up since before 5 am this morning. Giving her constant attention for 5 hours is hard work folks. I think I'll be joining her for a nap today.

The good news is that as of right now, she has peed in the potty 4 times! Even though we've also had 4 wet pull ups, I am not bothered me at all, and I am sure she had them because I was not able to get her to the potty in time. Once while feeding Mary, once while pumping, once just after we'd sat on the potty for a few minutes with no results, and then just one random time. I think for our first morning of potty training those results are pretty good.

Thanks so much to all my friends who emailed, commented, or messaged me on Facebook with their advice. I am remarkably low key about the whole thing, except when I exhibit gobs of excitement for a dry pull up or success on the potty. My degree in Communications from the fine University of Miami is finally coming in handy. :)

I'm not sure entirely what Charlotte's "potty love language" is, but the chocolate chips and new flower stickers seem to be helping. Plus the idea that we are having a potty party with fun bendy straws to drink out of mommy's glass works for her too.

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  1. oh yes
    one of the BEST breakthroughs we had was when I just let lil B be naked. It's a completely DIFFERENT sensation feeling yourself go to the bathroom in a pull up, and naked (or in regular underwear) and it lends nicely to the 'urgency' to get oneself to the potty!
    That is as long as you don't mind naked charlotte running around
    I think we might've just used a long t shirt or sundress and went panty free ;)
    This was a pivotal turning point in our success rate!
    I'm a believer in once you start, you we got rid of the pull-ups right away and never went back...knowing the pull-ups were gone helped 'mark' the transition

    good for you!
    enjoy nap time!


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