Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2009 - In Calendars

As I did last year about this time, let me share with you the desktop calendars I use on my laptop each month. This is a good way for me to review how my family has grown over the last year.

Each picture in these calendars comes from something that happened the month before.

I couldn't make a decision about which picture to use for September, so I made too and let the family pick which one they wanted for their computers.

If you like these and would like to make your own, just visit The Shabby Princess blog for the January 2010 desktop. These are great to send to family so they remember just how cute those little ones are!

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  1. You know I love these! I print them out each month and put them in my G-Ma brag book. It always surprises me how much the girls are growing as well as taking me back to those times and makes me smile all over again :)


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