Monday, March 28, 2011

Toy Storage System

I need a storage system for small toys that doesn't consist of easy to open boxes or ziploc bags. We have lots of toy sets that consist of small items and my previous option, ziploc bags isn't working any more. She has mastered how to open them and once I found her trying to put the bag over her head. Not good.

Mary can open the boxes and bags so quickly that our living room goes from clean to atrocious in about 15 minutes. It's the fun of opening things that she loves. I don't mind indulging her on one or two sets of toys, but it gets a bit out of hand when she tries to open everything. I need to store things like small fairy dolls, My Little Ponies, a felt tea set, etc...

So, more experienced or clever moms, how do you store your little toys in a way that they are still accessible to a 3-year old, but not so easily accessible to an 18-month old?

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