Sunday, March 20, 2011

Florida How I Love Thee

The weather this week has been perfect. No ill-timed thunder storms. No frying eggs on the side walk. Just gorgeous blue skies with wispy white clouds that look like animals frolicking in the sky.

The extra hour of sun light may have fooled us into thinking it was earlier than expected. But that is okay, it meant we also got tricked into sleeping later than anticipated because the sun wasn't up quite as early.

I know a time will come in a month or so when I will curse my birth into this state. And when it does, I'll try to remember Spring Break 2011 when my family got to play at Busch Gardens with friends and at the zoo splash pad with family and never broke a sweat.

For now, let me enjoy the last waning hours of sunlight as our Spring Break comes to a close and Bruce goes back to work in the morning. See you on the flip side...

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