Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Mary is 18-months Old

I'm not quite sure how it happened, but my baby is not a baby any longer. Mary is 18 months old now and is a lot of fun when she isn't crying for her pacifier. (I know, she shouldn't have one at this age... its her only vice though.)

Some quick facts about Mary:

  • She says Momma a lot. As in, it is probably the only sound you'll hear if her mouth is open. Sometimes, she will Dadda if prompted and I think I heard her say some version of Charlotte today. But I only think it was Charlotte because she was pointing and chasing her big sister around the play ground.
  • Mary likes to give hugs. 
  • One of her favorite things to do is empty things out - bags, doll houses, toy baskets. If you can fill it up, she'll want to empty it out.
  • Fortunately, she also likes to fill things up again. We find the remote in Bruce's boots. Mismatched shoes in the blanket box. Toys in the plastic cabinet. One day we'll be able to harness this for good when she learns where things belong.
  • Chase is one of her favorite games. She'll chase or be chased, both are equally as fun for her.
  • Mary's favorite person is her sister. If Charlotte is doing it, then Mary wants to as well. I use this to my advantage all of the time.
  • She has the best giggle! And it is usually fairly easy to elicit. Tickling, watching people fall down, playing chase, all these things can get a great big belly laugh from her.
  • When someone is laying on the floor, you can bet money that Mary will want to sit on top of them. Its a given. She just likes sitting on us. That's probably Bruce's fault though because he encouraged it early on. The only one who doesn't like it is Charlotte.
Here are some pictures I took of Mary this afternoon to commemorate the occasion. 

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