Monday, February 02, 2009

Facebook vs. MySpace

After a few months on Facebook, I realized I was never going back to MySpace. It was too cluttered and noisy for my tastes. So, I cancelled my MySpace account. Yep... I am no longer friends with former students or high school classmates. Do I feel bad? Nope... I hadn't logged into MySpace in months.

Facebook is clear and easy to read. Everyone's page is laid out the same and I always know where to find photos, contact information, and friend request links. That was not the case for MySpace.

So, since I am now a Facebook only kind of girl, would you do me a couple of favors?

First, would you confirm my blog by clicking the link to the left (if you are in a reader, why not come over and check out my sidebar for the link)?

Second, if you feel up to it and like me enough, why not send me a friend request on Facebook? You'll have to search for me by name because I have no idea how to link to my profile for your adding pleasure!


  1. i'll still be a reader and friend! but how did i miss your little ticker! when did you find out! i know i missed the 1st trimester blog post until just now, and i have a good excuse, but i'm rereading my text messages and see nothing about morning sickness, tiredness, pregnancy tests or such! can't wait to share in the happiness next week!

  2. Done and done! [smile]


  3. I think I sent you a friend request - there were a bunch of folks with your name!

  4. I agree...facebook is better. I never go on crowded and chaotic feeling


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