Monday, February 09, 2009

Alphabet School - "C"

So, it has been about 3 weeks since my last alphabet post, but I have a good excuse. You would think in the three weeks we've been working on the letter C, I'd have more to share, but well, see my good excuse.

Our C week(s) started with a visit to the Circus. I'm going to pretend that I applied some really cool pixelate feature to this first picture, because it is the only one I have that shows Charlotte during the show, cheering for something the high-flying acts.

At the end of the show, they showered the audience with white Confetti. Charlotte wanted to catch as much as possible, but didn't get to keep it for too long. I think my favorite animal act were the elephants. They were the most organized and we got to see more of them than any other animal.

We also played with Colored beads. This is one way that Charlotte is very girly. She loves to wear her beads. I bought a small bag of them for about $.50 at a garage sale last fall but waited until our C week to give them to her.

Since Charlotte's name begins with the letter C, we started working on deliberately teaching her to say her own name. It comes out sounding kind of like "our-witt," but that is cute enough for me! I think Charlotte is kind of a hard name for a young toddler to say, so we'll be working on this for a year or so I suppose.

The one truly crafty thing we did was organize coupons and make coupon art. I used homemade flour glue and lots of expired coupons. This kept Charlotte busy for about 30 minutes... She also liked to throw the coupons up in the air and let them fall down like snow.

Even though we live in FL, we were able to enjoy some Cold weather (by cold I mean in the 50s, I am a native Floridian). Charlotte wore lots of sweaters and tights these last couple of weeks. We are thankful though that the weather has taken a turn back to cool for the week ahead. We really do want to play outside more often before it gets too hot.

I did some Google searches and also snaked some of Jane's sources, and these were the websites that helped us this week. First School Apples 4 the Teacher Everything Preschool Enchanted Learning


  1. That bead photo is adorable! And it looks like she's having so much fun at the circus - the perfect "C"!

  2. She has the biggest most beautiful eyes!!!! Lottie is scared of the circus would be OUT!

  3. You've heard of Beabie Babies? Grumpy's Charlotte is a Beadie Baby!
    A really cute one, too!
    Love Grumpy


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