Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet My New Art Dresser

My lovely husband took me to Ikea last Monday to buy this $80 Malm dresser which happened to be on sale for $40. He knew I needed something to contain my growing stash of art supplies and sacrificed his day off to browse Ikea and eat swedish meatballs.
Let me take you inside to see all of the treasures within.
Top Drawer
(From top left: Stamps and ink pads, stickers, miscellaneous crafting supplies like wood cutouts and cool yarn, plastic animal toys, pom-poms, crayons and ribbon, and writing implements and paint brushes)
Middle Drawer
(From Top Left: Tissue Paper, die cuts, tempera and finger paint, Playdoh found on Valentine's Day Clearance, bells and charms, empty for know, funky scissors)
Bottom Drawer
(From Left: 2 bags of flower buds found at Walmart for $1 each, pipe cleaners, stack of construction paper; Underneath the flowers is my sticker binder left over from my scrapbooking days and underneath the paper is a binder with plastic templates)
I feel so good about completing this project and organizing my supplies. I think of our Alphabet School as a precursor to homeschooling, and I hated that I was so disorganized with it all. Now, I just need to get some contact paper so Charlotte can make a cool Etymology suncatcher like Esme!


  1. i want one! i can't wait to get my space again and organize all of my artsy stuff and let the juices flow.

  2. I'm jealous - I love it! My stuff is haphazardly placed on a built-in bookshelf right now since we don't have much furniture here in Oregon...

  3. Organization is the key to sanity I keep saying ;) It looked really great in person as well!


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