Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day.


  1. you do the cutest things with her! I regret not doing more with Alyssa but then again Alyssa is very different than little C. She is JUST LIKE JASON! Since you know him well....enough said LOL!!

    Now that she is older we do all kinds to of things now.

  2. You can see the smile seeping through--even with the heart in the way :)

    ANd a happy late Valentine's to you too!

  3. awwww! cayman sends love to charolette! and we're so bummed that we didn't get to see y'all. it's the perfect excuse for y'all to come visit us in arizona this summer! how's the belly? how's alphabet school? oh how we miss you ladies!


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