Monday, February 16, 2009

Alphabet School - "D"

I am hoping we are back on track to playing our alphabet games on a weekly basis. Here is what we did this week to learn about the letter D.

We started D week with a brand new toy, a dress up box. It was full of fun things that I picked up at the local consignment shop or garage sales. Charlotte especially liked the princess tutu and the pink purse. I guess I am raising a pretty girly girl, even though I am not one myself. (I'm just a little girly.) Above you can see her in the blue tutu and me wrapped up in a ladybug scarf.

We also did something decidely less girly this week. We went digging in a sandbox. It took a while for Charlotte to warm up to the idea of putting her sand in the toes. We've never taken her to the beach so this was a first for her. She didn't really like it and ended up digging in the sand from outside the sandbox for most of the play time. By the time we are done playing with this sandbox, I think it will be empty!

I think, hands down, Charlotte's favorite D week activity had to be watching dance videos on . This one, of a dancing gummy bear, is her favorite, and oddly enough, after watching it several times a day for several days, it is no longer mine! :) I dare you to watch it!

Toothbrushing is also another favorite past time. If she sees someone brushing on TV, she has to do it too. So, we played dentist, and I let her inspect my teeth (kind of like Gerald did on an episode of Sid the Science Kid). She mostly just poked around in my mouth and giggled a lot because I don't generally let her stick her fingers in my mouth! A while ago, there was a Sid the Science Kid episode about dental hygeine. It is a little over her head, but we watched part of it again on line. (Click the TV on the top right and then scroll down for dental hygeine videos to watch. They are really well done! This is my new favorite kids show on PBS.
Daisies in muffin cups

Esme got to make some diaper art, but I just knew Charlotte would begin to think diapers were toys and try to take hers off to make some new art. And that wouldn't work too well for this momma.

We also did some general D coloring pages  abotu dogs and ducks. Then of course, she got to spend a lot of time with her Daddy on Saturday!

I did some Google searches and also snaked some of Jane's sources, and these were the websites that helped us this week. First School Apples 4 the Teacher Everything Preschool Enchanted Learning


  1. You guys look so cute in your dressup gear! No diaper art? Thanks for the link to Sid the Science Kid - we'll be checking that out!

  2. What a creative idea for learning your letters. Lottie LOVES Sid the Science Kid.

    She looks adorable in her dress up clothes!


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