Monday, February 23, 2009

Alphabet School - "E"

We started the week off with E foods - english muffins, eggplant, and eggs. When it came to eating the english muffin though, Charlotte seemed more enthusiastic about the homemade strrawberry jam on top than the muffin itself. Though she did eat a few small bites. As for the eggplant, we discovered that on a field trip to the grocery store (like we did with the apples on the first week). I let her hold and feel them and we talked about the deep purple color of the eggplant. Then we walked over to the cooler and looked at eggs in the crate. I tried to explain the differences between tiny eggs and big eggplants. I think that part of the conversation might have been above her head though.

We also got to play with the letter E all by itself. While organizing my craft dresser, I found a ton of white die cut letters. You can expect to see projects like this one a lot over the rest of the alphabet. Here, I just brushed on some white glue and let her place the letters on the page however she saw fit.

When Charlotte is a teenager, I am sure she will kill me for this next picture. But I had to include it because it showed the intensity with which she smashed the stamp of the Ewe and the Elephant onto the paper. She got so excited to see the stamped images, that she got carried away and just kept slamming the stamp onto the paper, not even realizing that it had run out of ink. (This was her first time using stamps.)

Elephants were a big part of our week. In addition to the stamping, we watched The Elephant Song video by Eric Herman and lots of other elephant videos on To finish up the large animal part of the week, we made this foam elephant photo frame. I peeled the backs off the stickers, and Charlotte decided to line the elephants up along the bottom of the frame. I'd say she has a good eye for proportion here.

Music is always a part of our week and this week we focused on the egg shakers. She could shake these things for hours! Fortunately, they aren't very loud, so I could probably listen for that long as well. :)
I did some Google searches and also snaked some of Jane's sources, and these were the websites that helped us this week. First School Apples 4 the Teacher Everything Preschool Enchanted Learning


  1. Love that photo frame! And food is always a guess when it comes to what 'letter' foods Esme will eat, too... :)

  2. Oh you are so creative. I wonder sometimes if I will be creative enough to continue to homeschool Lottie and Emma...maybe I will just keep coming here and take your ideas!!!


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