Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Belated Half-Birthday!

Can you believe my baby girl is now a year and a half old? Well, by the time I remembered to write and post this, she is actually 18 months and 3 days old... sorry I'm a little late. I don't think she will notice though.

I just wanted to take a minute and marvel over all the new skills she has recently acquired. She really does seem to learn something new every day.

Since I last updated her sign language skills, she has learned several new signs, and is particularly good at using her manners signs. Our lovely daughter even uses the signs for please and thank you appropriately and completely unprompted. Just ask the nice couple who took care of her during Sunday School last week. I can't even really count any more how many signs she has now, but I can show you a video of her showing some of them off. (Probably only really interesting to anyone super crazy about our daughter or really into toddler sign language.)

She has also added several verbal words, finally! She can say Momma, Dadda, shoes, juice, no, ouch, bird, and a few others, though my mind is drawing a blank right now.

One other word/sound she makes took us over a month to figure out. She will say "mana, mana" several times but it doesn't sound like any real word and is used in a variety of settings. Well, after watching her play with Daddy and their Aquadoodle, I figured it out. "Mana, mana" means "do what I want right now." I have seen her use it a gazillion more times and it appears that really is what she means. Though I have no idea how that connection was made in her brain.

It used to be that her 9-piece animal puzzle was too much for her. Now, she can practically do it all by herself, though she much prefers to have an audience cheering for her!

Using a spoon at meal time is a little bit easier, though we often still end up with yogurt in the hair.

Now she can climb up on anything! It amazes me how strong her little arms are for pulling up onto chairs and other pieces of furniture.

Her obsession with babies is still very strong. She likes to have a baby doll with her most of the time and loves to point to the baby in my belly, even if she sometimes thinks there is one in Daddy's belly too!


  1. I love watching her sign "car" it looks like she's dancing! ;D justus whines, "wanna..." (as in i don't wanna) when he doesn't want to do what we've suggested or asked him to do, then proceeds to doing whatever it is he wants to do... not cute (in a cute way of course... ;}

  2. I love how quickly they learn! Esme continues to amaze me every day!

    I love those signs - she is doing great with them! What a clever kid!

  3. You know of course I think she is the brightest grandchild I have... Now if we could just get her to say G-Ma! She can do it but she has to much fun with our reactions when she gives us her other version of it...

    Dare you to capture it on video ;)


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