Saturday, February 28, 2009

Florida's Gold - Oranges

I've shared before that we love to play at Explorations V in downtown Lakeland. It really is an amazing childrens museum. But until recently, they had one exhibit that I just couldn't quite get in to.

The basement houses "O is for Oranges," an orange grove exhibit that explains how to "pick, pack, sort, count and investigate the life of an orange in this hands-on, fun-filled orange odyssey!" One day about a month ago it clicked for Charlotte and we've both been enjoying it ever since. I finally remember to take my camera and here is a photo essay about how we process gold in Florida!

First, you've got to pick the oranges... make sure they are ripe and that they end up in the bag!

Then, once you drop it down the chute, the processing begins. This device starts the transferring process to get the oranges to the sorter.

Make sure you tun the knob with intensity, it lets the oranges know you mean business!

Once the oranges are sorted, they get dropped in the hopper (on the right) and all the juice is squeezed right out of them. The juice gets pasteurized and then packaged.

It really is a cool process and I love how they've broken it down to make it easy for children to understand. Now that I "get it" we'll be spending a lot of time in the basement playing with Florida gold!

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