Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My New Job

I've mentioned it once or twice, but I thought that an official announcement was in order. I am now a vlogger for Of the hundreds of applications they received, I was one of 15 bloggers chosen to help new moms out with my own unique perspective.

I have several ideas of my own about how I want to use this unique blogging platform, but would love to hear from you. What questions did you have as a new mom? As a stay at home mom? What advice do you wish someone had given you to make life easier?

Here is my first vlog for


  1. Awesome and congratulations on being accepted! Vlogging is a bit intimidating to me.. I think mostly because when I blog I don't have to feel like I have to look good and I can take a million breaks while typing. Good luck and I'll have to check it out. If I come up with any questions I will definitely ask. I mostly stick with Dr. Sears and my mom but I branch out. LOL!!!

  2. This is very cool for you and what an opportunity it presents! I will head over and check it out though I will not be having and Nick were enough for me :)


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