Saturday, September 27, 2008

Links to waste 10 minutes with

I was browsing the Frogpond recently, and decided to pass on a few of the links I enjoyed discovering. Why not waste a few minutes of your life by clicking on over? I mean hey, you are already reading blogs... what s a few more minutes? :)

Visit Who Is There for You? - If you are having a bad day, this might restore your faith in humanity. If you just want to win cold, hard cash, then the 1st thing you'll be interested in at this site is a chance to win $100, or $25,000. After that, you might want to read the stories of regular people who have been helped by extraordinary people.

Typeracer - I have always prided myself on my typing skills. I've been on a computer since I was in the 4th grade, thanks to a geeky Radio Shack dad. Why not waste a few minutes and see how you stack up?

Visit Project Brain Child - Are you an American Express card member? If so, why not cast your vote in the Members Project. The project I've linked to is trying to raise fund to address childhood brain cancer.

Your clicks help increase my status as a BzzAgent. Thanks!

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