Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cabbage Patch Memories

When I was 5 years old, the toy industry drove parents crazy with the introduction of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. This year, the Kids turn 25 years old. It is amazing how cute they still are too. I don't think I looked so young at 25 myself.

Now, my mom and I remember my history with Cabbage Patch Kids differently. I remember not getting one until I was in the 5th or 6th grade and it was a Cabbage Patch pet - some ugly dog-like thing that I don't remember ever getting attached too.

My mom however, says I did get a Cabbage Patch Doll when I was 5, but that it arrived just before I started dance classes and was quickly forgotten. I can't say if she was right or wrong though, because I only remember the dance classes. (Wasn't I cute? I can share more of my dancing pictures if you want me too!)

Since I didn't have a great memory, I asked a young friend of mine, Stephanie, to share what she remembered about the Cabbage Patch Dolls. Here is what she had to say:

I still have my Cabbage Patch doll, and I also have a Cornsilk doll. The Cornsilk dolls are exactly like the Cabbage Patch dolls, but their hair is silky like ours. The regular Cabbage Patch dolls have hair made out of yarn. I haven't hade them long, but I do remember what the Cabbage Patch hospital was like. It looks very small on the outside of the building, but the inside looks huge! There are several rooms. the rooms are set up in different themes, and in each rooms there are very big Cabbage Patch dolls dressed and set up to look like they are part of the scene. You can take a Cabbage Patch dolls from the room to buy. One of the rooms is a nursery room, where the baby Cabbage Patch dolls are. At the end, there is a store with Cabbage Patch clothing, and you can buy pre-packedged dolls. Hmm... I think that's about it!

In honor of the Cabbage Patch Dolls 25th birthday, Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kids will be hitting store shelves for a limited time only. This is the first time they’ve been at retail since their debut in 1983. And guess what? Each and every Cabbage Patch Kid is a one-of-a-kind replica of an original ’83 doll, made with the same sculpts/molds and materials.

I received a doll in advance so that I could ponder its cuteness for you and well, let me tell you, if I could bottle up my own daughter's cuteness and paint it onto a doll, we would have our very own Geneva Emily, born on April 8th with her very own silver spoon.

There is even a website to help us celebrate the Kids 25th anniversary. You can read about and share your own memories of Cabbage Patch Dolls as well as play some fun game to introduce your own little boy or girl to these dolls. Or you can watch videos of the Dolls, like this Junkyard Gang or this Trust Us song (my fav so far!).

While Charlotte is too young to play with her doll now, you can be sure she will be getting this doll soon enough and I'll take lots of pictures of her with it so that she doesn't have to challenge this mom's memory about her childhood toys!

Do you have any Cabbage Patch Kid memories? What are they? Do you still have your doll?


  1. I used to have a cabage patch doll too! It was corn silk.....But that is about all I can remember ;p

  2. Oh, I loved my Cabbage Patch Kids!! I received my first one from my Aunt Sandy when I was about six. I had a total of 6 Cabbage Patch Kids and always changed their name from the one on the birth certificate. The names they were given were always to weird/odd for me to remember. My favorite doll was one that had glasses and wore blue overalls! I may have to get a 25th Anniversary doll just because I loved mine so much!!

  3. If you leave anywhere near North Georgia, you need to go visit the Cabbage Patch Birth Place in Cleveland, GA. It is precious. They give free tours and let you watch a cabbage patch doll being "born" from the cabbage patch and let the children present name the baby doll. You can also "adopt" a doll and go through a mock adoption hearing. The employees dress in nurse's uniforms. It's so cute and I love that it's free admission, too.

  4. Her name was Naomi and she now lives in the very top of my mom's big closet.
    She STILL smells good.

  5. Gloria,
    I've heard about that hospital. They are actually building a new one that is supposed to be even bigger! Maybe one day we'll stop in on our way some where.

  6. Well, isn't life coincidental? Just catching up on your blog when I came across your CB posting. We just came back from N. Georgia and visited Cabbage Patch Babyland last Sunday. Alia was thrilled! Her friend, who doesn't like dolls, was not. Let me tell you, it was a busy place. Lots of guests, many without children. Very sweet and something Alia will remember as she was enchanted. However, prices of the CB in the tour, including one birthed from the birthing area, start at $149 and go up to around $500. Alia got her new CB in the gift shop for a much more reasonable figure. She named her Strawberry. Her friend was quite happy when she got a plush dalmation dog - great to have 2 happy kids for that windy trip back over the mountain!

  7. "This is the first time they’ve been at retail since their debut in 1983"

    FYI...that's inaccurate. Granted, the original 1983 form of the dolls hasn't been in stores (perhaps that's what you meant). But in general, they've been available.

  8. That is what I meant... of course people have been able to buy CPDs in the intervening 25 years, just not the ones based on the original molds.


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