Saturday, September 20, 2008

And the votes are in...

After a few weeks of voting in Amuso's Cutest Baby Contest, Charlotte came in 27th out of more than 200 entries. Thanks to everyone who voted!

And in other news...

Remember how I said recently that Charlotte had learned how to sign daddy? Well, that is true, but now, after watching her, we aren't entirely certain she knows what it means. What I mean is, she will sign daddy when she sees me or her daddy. So, I've spent a lot of time this week working on the sign for mommy and NOT making the sign for daddy, to help her learn the difference.

Charlotte is also starting to understand the signs for "stop" and "kitten". I am trying to use the "thank you" sign with her a lot, but not really to teach her, just so she gets used to hearing that phrase.

In the "things Charlotte is discovering" category, we can add toes back to the list. Of course, when she first found her toes as a little baby we were excited, but now she has taken it to a whole other level!

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In completely random news... Martha Stewart is joining the business of blog critiquing. Just head over to this post to learn more.


  1. 27th? That's total B.S.!

  2. Is that Justin Layton? Thanks for stopping by... and I agree! Total B.S.!


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