Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Meditation #7 - Lies Women Believe

Here it is... week 1 of our meditations on Lies Women Believe. I had my first meeting with the women's Bible study on Friday and will start my homework tomorrow morning (we went out of town this past weekend).

During the first meeting, a wonderful woman named Pat, introduced us to both the book and the companion guide. I am excited to read this, but have to be honest, I don't have anything to meditate on yet because I haven't got started.

I'll try to post something a little later today once I've done the first days homework!

If you have read this book before, would you share what you learned?

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  1. I had to return the book and I never got to read everything in there ;p

    ps....It was great to hear from you! I am happy you called!


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