Thursday, January 10, 2008

Worth the Wait

I have a confession...
A little over a week ago I had bad thoughts when I read our church newsletter. There was an announcement that a new committee had been formed (yeah, I know that should set off bells all by itself). The purpose of this committee is to organize the church for a new directory, you know, one of those books with pictures of all the perfect church families that has their name and contact information. I am sure every other person who read this letter thought, "cool, we're doing that again." But no, not me.

What upset me was realizing that every name on the list was that of an older woman in my church. Not a single young person under 50 was listed. I resented that. This is just the type of project I would enjoy working on and no one at that church had thought to ask me if I was interested. How rude!

When I pointed this oversight out to Bruce and started into my usual rant about how the church doesn't take advantage of 'young people' enough, he reminded me that I just had a baby and probably wouldn't have time for a committee committment anyway. Yeah, okay, whatever.

Well, I knew my attitude wasn't right and I have been trying to scale back my committments anyway, so I prayed about it. Finally, after a couple of days, I repented and was at peace with the situation.

Then, today, I got a phone call from a lovely lady named Paulette. She had a favor to ask of me. I won't bore you with the details, but I get to make a brochure for our church that will be professionally printed, i.e. it will be on cool, glossy paper. :-) The professional printing is one of the perks we get when we sign up a minimum number of families with the directory company. That's cool. I get to help with the committee's work.

Paulette and I got to talking and I shared my confession of an unkind spirit with her. She told me that I was actually considered but they didn't want to burden me right now since I had just had a baby. She had been a SAHM and knew how hard it was to keep everything in order and suspected that I probably wouldn't have said no to this type of project. They thought the brochure project would be more my speed since there is a long deadline and it is definitely within my skill set.

Not only was being asked to participate such a blessing, but realizing that, after I repented of my sin, God gave me a reward anyway. I was rewarded with the blessing of getting to know another woman in my church better, being asked to help spread the news of the work God is doing in our church, and with remembering that God knows what our future holds before we do and sometimes holds things back so we can know He is in control.

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