Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ooh lala mon cherie

Our little girl is growing up! She is working very hard on learning to sit up on her own. Once put into a seated position, she can stay there for several seconds occasionally and about 2-3 seconds most of the time. Charlotte is learning to hold herself up if she starts to lean forward as well. It is so cute to watch her try to balance herself when she starts to wobble. We tried reading her book again today, but she got caught eating it instead. The look on her face is priceless! Oops! I did it again!

In other news, I haven't forgotten my list of goals for 2008. That post is almost done.


  1. Jen, Keep those pics coming! They're priceless.
    That kid has stolen my heart!
    Love you, too. Dad

  2. I agree! Oh, and just to point out, we read several times a week. This isn't the first time since I showed you the last picture of her reading. I just don't always have the camera in the room with us.

  3. OH she looks soooooo cute!
    We just bought Michael a Bumbo. He likes it. I found one at a children's resale shop for only $20, when I showed it to Jason he said "oh they stole my idea". However, he didn't want to buy it! I told him how much they cost at the full price.

    Well...a couple weeks went by, we were in Burlinton, and Amber picked one up to show us. Jason sat Michael in it, and this time he "just had to get it". So, we ended up paying $39 instead of $20!



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